Apply for a Loan for Christmas


Requesting a loan for Christmas means asking for a little cash to be able to “breathe” a little after spending a whole year paying all taxes imposed by the Government.

The reasons why a person should apply for funding in this way may be different: a sudden expense to be incurred, new taxes to pay (in December there are different deadlines), you want to give a gift to themselves or their loved ones.

In order to see the accepted loan application it is necessary that the person who needs the money is in possession of some provable income guarantees, this at least as regards the most classic of personal loans.

Richiedere un Prestito per Natale

The income guarantees are not logically proven “on the word” but it is necessary to document them. The self-employed person will be able to demonstrate his / her income received through the income tax return, the employee through his / her own pay check and the pensioner thanks to the pension slip.

Anyone who does not possess sufficient income can avail of the help of a guarantor, ie a third person who adds to the bank its own income guarantees.

If the applicant has an adequate income or in any case can prove to have it if his is added to that of the guarantor there will be no problems, unless the customer has been previously reported as a bad payer or as a protested person. The presence of a guarantor in most cases could also solve this problem.

If, on the other hand, no guarantor intervenes in the loan, it will be possible to obtain it through the assignment of the fifth. There are two types: the assignment of the fifth salary, dedicated exclusively by those who hold a paycheck; the assignment of the fifth of the salary, which can only be requested by pensioners.

All other categories of workers such as self-employed workers or those who, while working, are unable to demonstrate that they receive a salary can not access this line of credit.

For all these subjects who are also being bad payers or protested there is another way out to get the loan for Christmas: the exchange loan.

As the word suggests, it is a question of loans with bills of exchange, ie loans where, instead of the classic installment, they use the bill of exchange. Bad payers and protestors can easily and quickly obtain a credit of this type, but it is necessary that they or who for them will cover the figure of the guarantor are in possession of some property.

This is indispensable as the financial companies that issue the changed loans in case of non-payment by the debtor will go to request the seizure of his assets. These assets, once foreclosed, will then be auctioned off and the proceeds will be used to pay off the still open debt.

Unfortunately, today the financial companies that offer this service are few because it is a line of credit that has gone into disuse and has been returning “in fashion” for some time. This is not very reassuring because it makes us understand that more and more Italians have become bad paying or protested and in most cases the blame is due to the Italian economic crisis and the mismanagement of the various Governments of our country.


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